Cosmetic Dentistry

The Leading Cosmetic Dentist in Fairbanks

At Bast Dental Clinic, we understand that having healthy, bright, and beautiful teeth can enhance your appearance and allow you to smile with confidence. Thanks to the dramatically increasing interest in cosmetic dentistry over the past decade, significant advances have been made in the field. This allows your Fairbanks dentist to improve your teeth and overall smile quickly and painlessly, with surprisingly affordable treatments!

Because cosmetic dentistry is so popular among dental patients today, there is a broad range of cosmetic dental procedures that can help improve your smile and overall oral health.

Treatment options include:

What all of these treatments have in common is their ability to lighten, repair, or restore your teeth to their original state of perfection. Aside from teeth whitening, these cosmetic treatments replace fragments or even entire teeth with porcelain equivalents, which are indistinguishable from your natural teeth in structure and appearance and help restore their healthy function. Cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile by,

  • Filling in unattractive spaces between teeth.
  • Repairing decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth.
  • Replacing missing teeth.
  • Replacing old, unattractive dental treatments.

Remember: Your smile speaks, even before you say a word!

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