Cleanings & Prevention

At Bast Dental Clinic, we believe a cooperative effort by the patient, dentist, and dental staff is the most effective approach for a preventive program. Our goal is to prevent the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions while preserving natural dentition and supporting structures.

The first step in preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. Your Fairbanks dentist and dental hygienist continue your care by promoting, restoring, and maintaining your oral health in the dental office.

Regular Teeth Cleanings – Defense Against Dental Diseases

Regular dental exams, cleanings, X-rays, sealants, and fluoride are part of the prevention treatment plan to help protect the teeth. These preventive measures are the key to having a healthy, confident, and beautiful smile and can help avoid serious and costly dental problems. It is important to schedule routine teeth cleanings and dental examinations to help prevent dental diseases. It is also important to receive preventive dental treatments such as sealants and fluoride to keep your teeth strong and healthy in between check-ups.

It is recommended that patents visit their dentist for a routine cleaning, dental examination, and preventive treatments every 4-6 months, depending on how susceptible they are to dental diseases and cavities. Call us today to book a consultation and find the right dental schedule for you and your family!