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Welcome to Dr. Bast's Blog

Welcome to our dental blog. We invite you to subscribe to stay informed regarding the latest happenings in our office, as well as in the dental field as a whole. Our desire is to routinely provide helpful posts that ensure you are exposed to as much information about your dental health as you’re interested in learning.

5 Dental Tips for Victims of the Flu

When you’re not feeling well, getting better is your top priority. Taking care of your body is important and that includes taking care of your mouth, too. Taking care of your dental health is something that you work on all year, and it’s easy to let things slide when the flu gets you down. As…

8 Ways to Get a Better Smile

Who wouldn’t love to have a better smile? Even if you know what you want (brighter, straighter, whiter, stronger teeth), figuring out how to get there could be confusing. The top dentists in Fairbanks list these 8 go-to ways to get a better smile: Teeth whitening-With so many available options for teeth whitening, it is…

How To Whiten Sensitive Teeth

After more than three decades, teeth whitening is still the most popular cosmetic procedure in dentistry. And why not? It’s affordable, easy, and it gives your smile a fresh, updated look. Unfortunately, the teeth whitening process tends to cause mild, temporary tooth sensitivity. For most patients, this side-effect is barely noticeable, but it can be…

Bast Dental Clinic Explains the Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride for the Whole Family As your family gets back to school and back into a schedule, there’s an important beverage you shouldn’t forget about that can benefit your overall wellness and the health of your mouth: water, of course! Water is a healthy choice for a lot of reasons, like keeping you hydrated, helping…

5 Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Appointment Now

Everyone needs to have their teeth examined by a dentist at least once every year. If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a dental appointment with a Fairbanks area dentist but have not gotten around to actually making the phone call, here are 5 great reasons to get yourself in gear! Save money. Preventive care treatments (cleanings,…

Dental Problems that Affect the Elderly

It is true that most dental problems can affect anyone of any age, but there are certain dental issues that are known to impact the elderly population more frequently. Fortunately, there are dentists in the Fairbanks AK area who understand the special dental needs of the elderly population. These dentists can identify common risk factors…
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