Oral Healthcare Tips for People with Diabetes

Eating right and exercising can benefits your oral health.

Eating right and exercising can benefit your overall health, including your oral health.

It’s estimated that over 29 million Americans have diabetes. This chronic condition impacts the body, including the mouth, in a variety of ways. Maintaining good blood sugar levels is key to preventing damage to oral and overall health. If you have diabetes, Fairbanks AK dentists Dr. Fred Bast and Dr. John Bast at Bast Dental Clinic can help you maintain a healthy smile.

Increased Risk

Uncontrolled diabetes can increase your risk of developing dental conditions that can take a toll on your smile and your whole-body health.

The bacteria in your mouth feed on the starches and sugars from foods and beverages and form plaque. Acids produced by plaque eat away at tooth enamel and dentin to cause cavities. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can contribute to and hasten this damaging cycle.

When plaque hardens under the gumline, it can irritate sensitive gum tissue and cause gingivitis, which is early stage gum disease. If not removed by a dental professional, plaque buildup can lead to more advanced forms of gum disease. People with uncontrolled diabetes have a diminished capacity to fight infection, which may enable gum disease to worsen and potentially cause tooth, gum, and bone loss.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Your Fairbanks AK dentist will work with to develop an oral healthcare regimen to preserve your smile. In addition to regular dental checkups and cleanings at Bast Dental Clinic, the following tips can help protect your smile — and your body:

  • Brush at least twice a day and floss daily, or as directed by the dentist
  • Stop smoking
  • At each dental visit, update the dentist on the status of your health and any medications you’re taking
  • Call us if you experience any signs of gum disease, such as red, irritated gums or bleeding when brushing or flossing
  • Visit your medical doctor as recommended and follow his or her instructions with regard to managing your diabetes
  • Eat right and exercise

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