Know When to Discuss Dry Mouth with the Dentist


Dry Mouth Dentist FairbanksFear, stress, a good workout, or frosty winter weather can cause chapped lips and a dry mouth. But what if your mouth seems to feel like the Sahara Desert for an extended period of time? Dentists in Fairbanks say that there are some important reasons to mention this at your next checkup.

Dryness of the lips, tongue, and throat could be caused by dehydration, and the issue can typically be resolved by drinking plenty of water. However, there are other, more serious reasons for oral dryness, so it is wise to ask your dentist the following questions:

  1. Is dry mouth the side effect of a medical condition or medication? Dentists can help you to explore your medical history for clues about your oral dryness. There are nearly 400 medications that are known to cause dry eyes and dry mouth. These can include sleep aids, allergy medications, pain relievers, and many more. Also, some chronic health conditions like Diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome are also linked to excessive dryness.
  2. Is dry mouth triggered by my lifestyle habits? Smoking and alcohol use are the prime suspects when it comes to dry mouth, but you should also try limiting your caffeine intake to keep your mouth moisturized. Dentists also warn that certain mouth rinses contain high levels of alcohol—an ingredient that can cause significant dryness.
  3. Is relief possible? Your dentist can recommend a variety of products to soothe and comfort your dry mouth. These can range from sugar-free gums to saliva substitutes, all of which can be customized to provide you with the proper levels of moisture when you need it the most.

Dry mouth is more than an uncomfortable feeling. It is also a sign that you face a higher risk of cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and indigestion. To prevent these and other problems, talk to a Fairbanks dentist about your symptoms today.