The Hidden Danger of Tooth Loss


The Hidden Danger of Tooth LossTooth loss happens quite often, despite our best efforts to prevent it. Trauma or an injury, gum disease, cavities – there are numerous reasons that can result in the loss of a permanent tooth. While you may know that you can go to a cosmetic dentist in the Fairbanks AK area to have a missing tooth replaced, you may not be clear on the importance of timing.

There are times when a missing tooth demands immediate attention. For example, if your front tooth was accidentally knocked out while playing soccer, you would feel self-conscious and want to have that tooth replaced right away. But what if the missing tooth is located further in the back of the mouth and not as easily seen? Would replacing the tooth still be seen as a high priority?

Let’s first think about what happens when a permanent tooth is lost. Beneath the surface of the gums, the teeth are surrounded a foundation of supportive bone. With the loss of a tooth, the surrounding bone shrinks away, resulting in bone loss. This process of bone loss isn’t painful and can occur even without your knowledge—at first. What you will eventually notice is a sunken in appearance to your mouth and face, slowly shifting teeth, increased bite problems, and jaw pain.

Fortunately, bone loss doesn’t have to be the problematic consequence of tooth loss. It’s an issue that can be prevented with the use of dental implant technology. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or many—dental implants can prevent the bone from shrinking away.

The success rate for dental implants exceeds 95%, but the advantages don’t stop there. Implants are as strong as natural teeth, easy to brush and floss, and designed to last for the rest of your lifetime. Implants are often used to stabilize dentures or bridges, which improves the utility and comfort of both restorations.

The greatest amount of bone loss occurs in the first six months after tooth loss, and it can never be regained once it has been lost. To get ahead of a potential bone loss problem, contact a cosmetic dentist in Fairbanks AK for a consultation today.