Fairbanks Dentist Helps to Tackle These 5 Common Causes of Bad Breath


We are all forced to battle bad breath once in a while. Sometimes it’s morning breath, and other times it’s a garlicky lunch. However, when bad breath becomes the rule rather than the exception, it might be time to tap into the resources at your Fairbanks dental office for help.

At your dental visit, be prepared to explore some of the probable causes of your chronic halitosis in order to move a little closer to a solution.

  1. The microscopic bacteria that normally live inside the mouth can produce a terrible-smelling byproduct as they break down food particles and plaque throughout the day and night. The teeth, tongue, gums, and your dental appliances can all harbor the ingredients for bad breath that lingers unless the mouth can be cleaned thoroughly at least twice each day.
  2. A common source of bad breath is decreased saliva. A dry mouth harbors food and bacteria that would normally be washed away by saliva. The main cause of dry mouth is medications, though it might also be related to a chronic health condition or radiation therapy.
  3. Certain foods can contribute to a bad smell that moves from your mouth and travels throughout the body. When tobacco, garlic, onions, and alcohol are consumed, their byproducts can move through the bloodstream and the odors are then released through the lungs as you breathe even after several hours.
  4. Strange-smelling gases called ketones are released when the body burns fat, the normal result of a low-carb diet. The weight-loss is great, but the bad breath could be a challenge.
  5. Certain health conditions such as diabetes, GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), liver disease, or kidney disease are known for the notable breath that they can produce. Often times, these health problems are diagnosed only after the bad breath has been investigated.

Your dentist in Fairbanks has the tools to diagnose and eliminate your chronic bad breath. Call to schedule your appointment today.