Fairbanks Dentist is an Example of Evolved Dental Care


Smiling Female PatientIf you take a look around a Fairbanks dental office, you can clearly see how times have changed. Everything is sleeker and more sophisticated, high tech, and digital. The X-rays don’t hurt anymore, and even the sound of the drill has softened. But, these are only the superficial examples of dentistry’s evolution. The real change has taken place on the inside.

In the early years, there was not much priority placed on saving the natural teeth. A routine cavity or toothache could be treated, but the more difficult cases were often resolved by simply taking the teeth out and replacing them with dentures. Slowly, in a transition that was spurred by a new age of dentists with a different philosophy, there was a shift towards working harder to preserve the natural teeth whenever it was deemed practical.

This could be achieved by accurately diagnosing the cause of the dental disease and then developing a treatment plan that was more comprehensive and individualized for the patient. In other words, dentists began to focus on figuring out what was wrong, how to fix it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

This new effort involved not only the health of the teeth, but also the health of the gums. It also required the participation of the dental patient in order to make the treatment successful in the long-term. A patient would need to be an active participant in his or her own dental care, working to protect the teeth and keep them free from infection between dental appointments.

It was a new philosophy in dentistry, and it was one that gave patients more ownership in their oral health while providing dentists with more satisfaction in their clinical work.

Today, you might be impressed by the modern look and feel of a Fairbanks dental office, but the true evolution can be seen in the higher level of oral health care that you will receive. Take advantage of advanced dental care by calling to schedule your appointment today.