Fairbanks Alaska Dentist Can Help to Ease Chronic Tooth Sensitivity

Are your teeth sensitive to heat or cold temperatures?

Are your teeth sensitive to heat or cold temperatures?

Random bouts of tooth sensitivity can occur for all sorts of reasons. In fact, many patients can report that their teeth have always been a little sensitive in general even if they don’t consider it to be a real “problem.” If you choose not to bite directly into your ice cream or you brush your teeth with warm water, then you are most likely familiar with this sort of mild sensitivity which can be somewhat uncomfortable, but not severe.

Quite often, over-the-counter toothpastes for sensitive teeth can help to resolve the sensitivity that may result from cold temperatures or the bristles of the toothbrush. However, if the sensitivity doesn’t disappear within the first four weeks of regular daily use, it may be time to talk to a Fairbanks AK dentist.

Products that relieve sensitivity do so by blocking the tiny channels that transmit pain from an outside stimulus to the dental nerve. The active ingredient that is found in Sensodyne and other sensitivity products may take several days or a few weeks to build up within the microscopic openings on the surface of the teeth. With prolonged use, these products offer a simple and conservative way to combat sensitivity.

Unfortunately, if the sensitivity persists, you may be suffering from a more serious underlying problem. Small cavities, cracked teeth, and leaking fillings can all produce varying degrees of “sensitivity” which may not respond to over-the-counter products. Heavy clenching or grinding is another common cause of tooth sensitivity that cannot be resolved with sensitivity toothpaste. Also, these conditions are not likely to get better on their own.

During a complete dental checkup, the true cause of your sensitivity can be identified and the proper treatment can be offered. Tackling these problems as soon as possible is the most ideal way to prevent a more serious problem from developing.

If your chronic tooth sensitivity has not responded to over-the-counter products within 2-4 weeks, contact a dentist in Fairbanks AK today for more help.