Fairbanks AK Dentist Transforms Smiles with Dental Bonding


Young BrunnetteFor a same-day cosmetic enhancement, dental bonding is a popular and effective option. A broad range of esthetic problems can be addressed in a single dental visit, and the procedure is appropriate for all ages—from very young children to mature adults.

In just one dental appointment, your Fairbanks AK dentist will select the bonding material that is closest to the shade of your own teeth, applying it carefully to the areas that are to be enhanced. Bonding resin is a soft, pliable material that can be shaped and molded for precision, and once it has been “cured,” it has the texture, finish, and strength of natural enamel.

What types of esthetic or cosmetic issues can be resolved with bonding?

  • Small spaces can be closed between the teeth by adding small amounts of bonding resin to the sides of the teeth.
  • Severely stained teeth can be concealed with a thin layer of bonding resin.
  • Teeth that are chipped or worn can be lengthened and reshaped by adding bonding resin to the biting edges and corners of the teeth.

During the bonding procedure, the outer surface of the selected teeth must be lightly prepared and cleaned. The bonding material, in its soft and pliable state, will be applied to the prepared area in small increments and carefully sculpted to the appropriate dimensions. The dentist will harden and set the material in a matter of seconds with a special curing light and then polish the teeth and the restorations with a finishing gloss.

The finished result will look just like your own teeth and will feel smooth to your tongue, and the resin will not restrict your ability to eat or drink in any way. By putting your cosmetic worries behind you, dental bonding offers a convenient and simple solution that you can enjoy today. Call to book your Fairbanks AK dental appointment today.