What Every Smart Parent Should Know about Wisdom Teeth


What Every Smart Parent Should Know about Wisdom TeethOnce your teen has begun to complain about common wisdom teeth symptoms like inflammation and pain towards the back of the jaw, it is time to prepare for the eruption of the wisdom teeth. As soon as the teeth begin to break through the gums, it is important to remind your teen to thoroughly clean these areas every day. Otherwise, food and debris can begin to accumulate under the gums and make an already uncomfortable situation more painful.

Dentists in Fairbanks AK recommend that your teen’s wisdom teeth be monitored via digital X-rays so that the position and movement of teeth can be tracked. If the teeth are found to be growing in at an angle—a condition known as impaction — you will probably advised to have the teeth taken out. Wisdom teeth that are impacted can become infected even before they have fully erupted. The condition can cause cysts or otherwise damage the nearby teeth and nerves unless prompt treatment is received.

When should your teen’s wisdom teeth be removed?

We commonly find that the wisdom teeth are prevented from erupting due to the lack of space in the average teen’s jaw. The teeth may become trapped even before they break through the gum surface or they may stop growing when the tooth is only partially visible. Impaction is typically responsible for the infections and other complications that are generally associated with wisdom teeth, and the dentist will generally suggest that they are removed to eliminate these problems.

As a preventive measure, some dentists might suggest having the wisdom teeth removed if future dental problems are likely. This can take place well before the tooth begins to erupt when the roots are still forming and the surgical removal is easier.

It is a good idea to speak with a Fairbanks dentist about your teen’s wisdom teeth as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary complications. Call to schedule an appointment today.