Don’t Let Unexpected Dental Expenses Ruin Your Budget


What’s the backup plan when your dental insurance and your bank account aren’t enough to cover the cost of your dental care? In most cases, once you know that you are in need of a certain dental procedure such as a bridge or a dental implant you can enjoy the luxury of saving and planning for the full cost of your care. Unfortunately, when an immediate dental need arises, such as the need for a root canal procedure, a dental crown, or the removal of your wisdom teeth, time may not always be on your side.

care creditWhen your dental treatment or procedure isn’t covered by your insurance, or when the cost of an unexpected procedure threatens to derail your budget, it is wise to consult a dentist in the Fairbanks area who accepts CareCredit and other healthcare funding resources.

Utilizing a healthcare financing card which is specifically designed to cover your unexpected dental expenses is a smart way to ensure that you receive timely and appropriate dental care. CareCredit makes it easy for dental patients to afford the necessary dental treatment without interfering with your available cash flow. The application process is fast and user-friendly, and CareCredit has become popular for its no-interest or low-interest payment plans. Many patients also enjoy the flexibility of using their CareCredit card at multiple healthcare practices without reapplying. Your smile is important– don’t allow it to be jeopardized by unexpected dental expenses.

Consider the advantages of using CareCredit to cover your dental expenses:

  • Credit line pays for deductibles, co-payments, cosmetic procedures, and out of pocket expenses.
  • Get approved and begin treatment immediately, then pay with low minimum monthly installments and low interest rates.
  • Once approved, your CareCredit card can be used for other healthcare expenses for yourself, your pets, and your family members.
  • Save your other credit cards and emergency cash for household or other expenses.
  • Quick, easy, and discreet application process.

To find a dentist who accepts CareCredit in Fairbanks, or to apply online, visit or call 1-800-365-8295.