Discuss Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options with a Fairbanks Dentist


OfficeWorkerSmOn a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with the appearance of your smile? If your self-assessment isn’t yielding high ratings, then you could be a great candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Even if you aren’t exactly sure about what you would like to do to improve your smile, it’s okay to schedule an appointment with a Fairbanks dentist to sort out your options.

There is wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be mixed and matched to produce a smile that scores a 10:

  • Teeth whitening– Brightening discolored or stained teeth is cosmetic option that is available through a dental office, an at-home system which is dispensed by the dentist, or through the use of over-the-counter teeth-whitening systems.
  • Bonding– Improving the look of chipped, broken, gapped, cracked, or stained teeth by bonding a pliable, tooth-colored filling material directly to the enamel.
  • Veneers– Custom-molded porcelain shells that are thin enough to cover and disguise discolorations and imperfections of the front teeth.
  • Tooth reshaping– Gently modifying or removing small amounts of enamel to improve the contour and shape of the teeth, often performed in combination with dental bonding.
  • Crown lengthening– A minor surgical procedure to eliminate the appearance of an uneven gumline or a “gummy” smile by taking away excess gum tissue and exposing more of the tooth, ultimately improving esthetics and the outcome of other restorative procedures.
  • Smile makeovers– An assortment of cosmetic dentistry procedures which can provide a comprehensive improvement to the overall appearance of your smile. These procedures can produce a complete overhaul or “facelift” for your smile.

The strategy for improving your smile must be highly individualized and requires a thorough discussion with your dentist for proper planning. It’s also important that you schedule a complete dental examination with a dentist in Fairbanks to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo any cosmetic procedure. To get started, call to schedule a consultation today.