Dentists in Fairbanks Say Dental Insurance Isn’t Key for Healthy Smile


If you are fortunate enough to have new dental insurance this year, you might be thinking that all of your dental worries are behind you. In truth, there is a factor more valuable than dental insurance that will put you on the path to a healthier smile. Information and education are the real keys to better dental health. When you partner with your dentist in Fairbanks to learn more about your oral health, you’ll reap the benefits almost immediately, regardless of your dental insurance.

A recent university study was conducted to examine the impact of dental insurance on the oral health of older adults. The study concluded that providing dental insurance to uninsured adults would not necessarily motivate those patients to seek dental care or perform adequate oral hygiene at home. The study seemed to indicate that the oral health for these patients could only be improved when the dentist and the dental team were able to positively influence the patient’s beliefs and attitudes about dental care.

When you find a Fairbanks dental office that you trust, you’ll learn how to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, you’ll discover that there are a wide variety of options for beautifying your smile, and you will begin to appreciate the importance of a healthy dental lifestyle.

As your attitudes and opinions about oral health begin to change, you might also begin to explore all of the ways in which the dental team can help to take your smile to the next level. This can be a slow process, but it is certainly worthwhile.

For some patients, the journey begins with some occasional emergency dental visits and limited examinations. As you gain confidence, you might be inclined to schedule dental care for restorative and even cosmetic procedures. With increasing pride, you will find yourself committing to regularly scheduled check-ups and cleanings, along with a better oral hygiene effort at home. Finally, you will be motivated to invest in the services and procedures that are best for your long-term oral health, even those that fall outside of the limitations that have been set by your dental insurance plan.

For more motivation regarding your oral health, contact a Fairbanks dentist today for an appointment.