Bast Dental Clinic Explains the Benefits of Fluoride


Fluoride for the Whole FamilyBast Dental Clinic Explains the Benefits of Fluoride

As your family gets back to school and back into a schedule, there’s an important beverage you shouldn’t forget about that can benefit your overall wellness and the health of your mouth: water, of course! Water is a healthy choice for a lot of reasons, like keeping you hydrated, helping with clear skin and digestion, but today, we’re going to focus on fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in drinking water, is commonly added to toothpaste, and comes in a rinse form. Let’s cover the basics of why it’s good for your dental routine and how you can make sure you’re getting enough of it.

Research has shown that fluoride works to reduce cavities in both children and adults, repair the early stages of tooth decay, and helps prevent future cavities from forming. It is not only preventative, but it can reverse some damage already in place and maybe even prevent a filling. Fluoride is absorbed into your enamel, the tooth’s outer layer, where it replenishes lost calcium and phosphorus, which keep your teeth hard and strong. Your teeth go through demineralization (losing calcium and other important minerals) and remineralization (regaining those lost minerals) all the time. Fluoride helps the important remineralization process.

Keeping a water bottle in your work back or your child’s bookbag will encourage you to drink it throughout the day. When you drink water, which naturally contains fluoride, it enters your bloodstream and goes to work on protecting your enamel and battling any decay. This is especially important for children because fluoride works on their developing teeth before they ever break through, preparing a stronger set of teeth for their whole life.

If you suspect or are told by our staff that you need more fluoride than you’re getting from your water, you can also add fluoride to your routine by:

  • Using a toothpaste that has fluoride added in
  • Using a fluoride rinse once a day after brushing
  • Taking fluoride supplements, available over the counter
  • Undergoing fluoride treatment with our dentists

No matter how you choose to make it a part of your everyday routine, your teeth will thank you for years to come. If you have additional questions, give us a call today.