Bad Habits Will Cost You More than a Trip to a Fairbanks Dentist

Bad habits can wreck your smile and health

Bad habits can wreck your smile and health

If you are one of the millions of Americans who have a Bad Habit (smoking, heavy drinking, behavior that increases your risk for HPV), then you are well aware of the lecture that is in store for you at a Fairbanks dental office.

At each three-month, six-month, or annual check-up, you will be asked about your general lifestyle habits and your recent health history. The dentist and the hygienist care about your smile, but they also have an intimate understanding of the way that your general health can impact your oral health. That’s the real reason behind all of the Q-and-A.

The Bad Habits can increase your risk for all types of cancers (oral, breast, colon, lung), as well as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They can destroy your health, wreck your smile, and studies have shown that these diseases cost our country more than $18 billion annually.

Having the discussion about your personal health isn’t easy for your friends at the dental office, especially when it means discouraging you from a habit or activity that you enjoy. However, there’s a hefty price tag attached to certain lifestyle choices. Some of the costs are incurred in the dental office, such as additional periodontal therapies, tooth extractions, and restorative treatments. Others are incurred on a national scale, such as the overall costs associated with cancer treatments.

If you are burdened by the Bad Habits, gather the resources that you will need to get yourself on the right track. Get help to quit smoking, cut back on alcohol, improve your nutrition, and increase your level of physical activity. You can get advice and oral health information from the team at your Fairbanks dental office, and you will be encouraged to keep going at each follow-up appointment.

Avoid the devastating costs of the Bad Habits. Reach out to a dentist in Fairbanks for help today.