8 Ways to Get a Better Smile


Number 8Who wouldn’t love to have a better smile? Even if you know what you want (brighter, straighter, whiter, stronger teeth), figuring out how to get there could be confusing. The top dentists in Fairbanks list these 8 go-to ways to get a better smile:

  1. Teeth whitening-With so many available options for teeth whitening, it is important that you discuss your choices with the dentist before choosing one.
  2. Crowns- Discolored or badly shaped teeth can be completely covered with dental crowns to improve the look and add strength.
  3. Veneers- Thin and conservative, veneers are porcelain coverings for the front teeth that can conceal imperfections and improve uniformity.
  4. Bonding- Resin or composite filling materials can be bonded to the surface of the front teeth to fill and correct minor structural or cosmetic problems.
  5. Braces- A smart option for straightening the teeth, with modern and attractive choices for teens and adults.
  6. Implants- Permanently replacing missing teeth with titanium posts and porcelain crowns is a popular long-term solution to a common dental problem.
  7. Brushing and flossing- It’s not as obvious as it might seem, but good oral hygiene can reduce stain, improve breath, prevent cavities, and tighten the gums for a smile that feels better and looks better, too.
  8. Routine dental visits The easiest thing you can do for a better smile is to go to the dentist for a checkup at least twice each year. Along with screening for cavities and cleaning the teeth, dental visits are great for learning more about the latest and greatest options for improving your smile.

Getting a better smile could involve one of these options or several, depending upon your personal goals and your dentist’s recommendation. Typically, it’s best to begin by scheduling a consultation with a dentist in Fairbanks to outline the treatment plan that will deliver the best results. Why not call to schedule an appointment today?