5 Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Appointment Now


5 Reasons To Schedule Your Dental Appointment NowEveryone needs to have their teeth examined by a dentist at least once every year. If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a dental appointment with a Fairbanks area dentist but have not gotten around to actually making the phone call, here are 5 great reasons to get yourself in gear!

  1. Save money. Preventive care treatments (cleanings, fluoride treatments, checkups, and x-rays) are typically much less expensive than major restorative procedures (crowns, root canals, and dental implants). Getting into the dental office sooner rather than later affords you the opportunity to take advantage of your dentist’s preventative services rather than waiting until a serious problem arises.
  2. Less discomfort. Growing dental problems can be increasingly uncomfortable and even painful. From gum disease to abscessed teeth, scheduling your appointment as soon as possible is the first step towards getting the problem resolved quickly and relieving your discomfort.
  3. Less time away from work or school. As your dental problems increase, so does your time in the dental chair! That means more time away from school, work, and your other responsibilities. Being proactive and scheduling your dental appointment now will give you a chance to stay ahead of your dental problems and reduce the number of additional dental visits.
  4. Fewer surprises and unexpected dental emergencies. Who wants to deal with a toothache during a vacation or in the middle of the night? While some dental problems are unforeseeable, most can be prevented or addressed before they have a chance to take you by surprise.
  5. More convenient appointment time. Waiting until the last minute to schedule a dental appointment often means that you’ll have to settle for any appointment time that the dentist has available. This can be a problem if you are in need of a specific appointment time such as early mornings or Fridays. To improve your chances of getting the appointment day or time that works best for you, call to schedule it well in advance.

If you live in the Fairbanks area and have not booked your visit with a local dentist, call to reserve your appointment today.