5 College-Ready Dental Tips


College-Ready SmilesCollege kids will be reporting to school soon, and it takes lots of preparation to ensure that they have what they’ll need to success. Aside from school supplies and household items, it is important that college students are prepared to lead healthy lifestyles while they’re away from home—and dental health should be a high priority. Whether your student is studying out of town or locally in Fairbanks, dentists suggest that you plan in advance to avoid dental problems during the school year.

  1. Floss picks. For college students who are on the run, flossing can be easily overlooked. Floss picks make oral hygiene easier and more convenient, even for busy students. Make sure that your student stocks up on these disposable flossers before heading off to school.
  2. A power toothbrush. A good power toothbrush is much more effective than a traditional toothbrush. These brushes also feature softer, gentler bristles to ensure a thorough brushing experience without being too abrasive on the enamel.
  3. Gum and mints. As long as they are sugar-free, gums and mints can help to fight cavities and bad breath throughout the day. While these products are no substitute for brushing and flossing, they can help to neutralize plaque acids and wash away food particles.
  4. Healthy snacks. College life can be tough on the waistline and also the teeth. Convenience foods are typically low in nutritional value and bad for the teeth. Help your college student to plan to include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet, as well as nuts, dark chocolate, dried fruits, cheese sticks, and yogurt.
  5. A Water bottle. A reusable water bottle is great for keeping water on-hand instead of sports drinks or sodas. Along with staying hydrated, water helps to rinse away cavity- and bad breath causing-bacteria.

For students who are entering into college life, preparation is essential. Talk to a Fairbanks dentist today for more tips on getting it right.