4 Ways to Protect your Dental Investment


Smiling SmilesGreat dental work can last for many years or a lifetime in some cases. This isn’t to be taken for granted, though. Once you have invested in excellent dental treatment, you’ll need to take a few steps to protect your investment. The top dentists in Fairbanks would recommend the following:

Regular Checkups

Don’t get into the habit of staying away from the dental office just because you have finished your treatment. After you have invested in dental crowns, veneers, or teeth whitening, maintaining your regular checkups will become even more important. When scheduled at least twice each year, dental checkups enable the dentist to monitor your oral health and detect any potential problems.

Responsible Homecare

At home, you are responsible for keeping your teeth clean to minimize tooth decay, gum disease, and discoloration. Brush and floss thoroughly along the margins of your crowns or bridges. If you wear dentures or partials, remove them each night and clean them as directed. If your dentist has recommended specific homecare products such as floss, toothpaste, tongue scrapers, or an electric toothbrush, do your best to comply each day.

Custom Bite Guard

If you have invested in porcelain or ceramic dental work, you should know that these restorations are strong but not indestructible. They are vulnerable to breaking if you grind your teeth at night or play sports. Unfortunately, after they’ve been damaged, these types of restorations cannot be patched or repaired. In most cases, they must be completely replaced. To reduce the potential for an accident, ask your dentist about a custom-fitted protective bite guard.

Healthy Habits

You can protect your dental investment by adopting healthy habits. In fact, the habits that will protect your dental health will also protect your natural teeth. Avoid chewing ice, biting pens, or nail-biting. Limit your intake of sweet or acidic foods and beverages, quit smoking, and keep your body healthy.

You’ve invested in great dental care because you wanted a great smile. Now, just follow the tips provided by the top dentists in Fairbanks to get the most bang for your bucks!